Bean Rí - She King Collection


Signature Irish designer jewellery by Martina Hamilton. Bespoke handmade collection of jewelry in hallmarked sterling silver and gold celebrates "na mBean Rí" (She Kings) of ancient Ireland.

As part of the 1000 year commemoration of the Battle of Clontarf, The National Museum of Ireland commissioned me to create a collection of jewellery to mark this defining event in Irish history. I chose the Bean Ri,  Gormlaith, one of Ireland's She King's,  who was central to the story of the battle. Along with Gormlaith I also wanted to fully celebrate other mythical and historical queens or Ireland including Connacht's warrior, Queen Maeve, who is reputedly buried beneath a spectacular cairn on the summit of Knocknarea mountain in Sligo where I live. 

The National Museum's display of ancient spear heads provided the starting point for this  flame- like shape. I refashioned these once fierce shapes, giving them a feminine turn and candle flame shape, to create a fresh new symbol for modern Irish women. 

Martina Hamilton