Seashore Collection

Bespoke contemporary Irish jewelry. Seashore; a unique collection of handcrafted pendants, earrings and rings by Martina Hamilton in hallmarked sterling silver with Rose gold gemstone settings.

The Seashore collection of jewellery is inspired by the rugged beauty of the Sligo coast where I live, a shoreline sculpted by the Atlantic ocean over millions of years. 

As you walk the coastline, you see simple lines at play; the horizon, the edge of the tide, striations on the sand,  the line of the coast, the cloud line. The interplay of these lines changes constantly and the only vertical thing, the tallest thing for miles, might be you and your own shadow. 

Martina Hamilton

The precious stone settings in rose gold are inspired by barnacles, the tiny shellfish which exist in the most challenging conditions.  Within the collection I'm moving from panoramic ideas to the smallest details found in the magical seascape.   

Tiny barnacles on an ocean rock, closed up tight waiting for the return.

Tiny Rose gold stone settings for our Seashore Collection. Inspired directly by nature