Goal Daisy Pendant.

Goal Daisy Pendant.


Designed In Collaboration with Leonie Cornelius.

Hallmarked Sterling Silver Daisy Pendant

All proceeds to:

Goal / Goal What On Earth Campaign

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The daisy -Bellis perennis- is a symbol of hope, growth and purity. The one flower which grows everywhere in the world except the Antarctic, the daisy becomes a uniting symbol for all people worldwide and the ethical and moral responsibilities we share for each other.

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Click Here to visit the Goal Website and learn more about their developmental work around the world.

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The Goal Daisy Pendant originated in August this year, when I collaborated with award winning garden designer and author Leonie Cornelius on an art piece for the Goal What on Earth Campaign.

What On Earth is a collection of 100 resin globe sculptures which are being painted and decorated by artists, celebrities and crafts people from all over Ireland. The Globes will go on public display as a series of Art Exhibition’s around the country. Then they will be auctioned off in November to raise vital funds for GOAL, enabling the charity to continue its work, easing the plight of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

We titled our piece ‘PRECIOUS MATTER’. It uses sterling silver and 23.5 carat gold leaf to highlight the precious nature of our world. We hope the artwork represents the invaluable work GOAL does globally and the positive impact it has on our fragile and precious world.

The globe has been hand leafed using traditional techniques and we cannot express our thanks deeply enough to Maureen Quinn for her time and expertise with the gold leaf process.

We then placed thirteen custom designed sterling silver daisy flowers around the globe. Each one grows out of an exact location where GOAL is currently working and we hope they symbolise the striking growth and impact which GOAL’s work has on those regions.

I decided at this point to create 200 more Goal Daisys which will be sold via this site and through House of Ireland in Grafton Street Dublin between now and Christmas. All proceeds from sales of the Goal Daisy will go towards the charity.