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Gold and silver rings designed and made to commission. 

I am always really delighted when I get an opportunity to create a ring to a customers own design. The process of creating a piece, responding to the instinct and imagination of the customer is always exhilarating. 

The jewellery I am making symbolizes a moment of great significance in that persons life, be it a wedding, a special birthday,  a graduation or other milestone event. So it's likely the piece we create will be with our customer throughout their lives and quite possibly will be passed on to the next generation. This is a unique privilege for me, that the work we do becomes a part of peoples lives in this way. 

If you are considering having a ring made for your engagement, your wedding or for any other significant occasion in life  please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to discuss the commission, design and making process with you, as well as preferences you may initially have for precious metal and stone settings.


We also specialize in remodeling pieces of jewellery you may have in your collection into something new and completely different . Often people can come to us with pieces that have been passed on to them by friends or relatives, or pieces of their own from earlier times in their lives which they would like to see transformed, reshaped or re-interpreted. 

In our Sligo workshop our family team of master goldsmiths have decades of experience in creating bespoke work for our customers. We can turn rings into pendants, pendants into rings, rings into earrings. We can add stone settings to your existing pieces or create new pieces to compliment the jewellery you have.  



So if you have a special occasion coming up and would like to speak to us about designing something new, or recreating some of your existing jewellery please don't hesitate to contact us Use the form below to email or give us a call. - Martina Hamilton

For any queries you may have about commissioning a ring or any piece of jewellery please get in touch:

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